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Annals of Dial America : December 2, 2005 [04 Dec 2005|12:28pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

And here is my disclaimer! By reading this material, you agree that you will not, in any fashion, use it to discriminate against on Charles Rogan, as an employee of Dial America, Inc., on grounds of possible suspension or termination from said company. Reading on implies compliance with my disclaimer, should you disagree, please surf on to another website or close the browser window.

I was going to work Saturday from 11-1pm to make up for the time I lose the night Roger sent me home, but instead my team leader, Stacy, decided to suspend me until Monday. Kind of ironic really, I didn't HAVE to work until Monday anyway. Apparently, giving sales continuations is a MUST now, but when I was in training for my group's whole three days, I came to understand the sales continuations are to be used at our discretion for more attempts at a sale. Obviously not, I was suspended for missing some. Also, when I go to give my non-sales close after pitching a long-winded sale, I take a deep breath in which the customer hangs up most of the time, but I still give it anyway. That wasn't good enough for Stacy, so in the same week I went through Quality School twice, and the next time I make an HONEST MISTAKE, I am terminated. If only this wasn't the only job I could find... I guess I'll have to start searching for a better job because telemarketing, as easy as it seems, is fucking boring. They catch me making a few mistakes on a bad day and give me hell. Fucking Dial America puds.


Annals of Dial America : November 29, 2005 [30 Nov 2005|12:14am]
[ mood | blah ]

And here is my disclaimer! By reading this material, you agree that you will not, in any fashion, use it to discriminate against on Charles Rogan, as an employee of Dial America, Inc., on grounds of possible suspension or termination from said company. Reading on implies compliance with my disclaimer, should you disagree, please surf on to another website or close the browser window.

It was a rather disappointing day, really. Scheduled to work from 8 until 11 pm, I arrived around 7:30 and began right away. A few customers answered here and there, nothing out of the ordinary. I had been told that the group I trained with wasn't going to receive our first pay check until Wednesday December 7 rather than tomorrow, which was when I was told all along we would receive our first checks. I began a brief search with the shift manager, Roger, while attending to customers on the phone. Now, I mention the customers because they play an important role here. There were a few times when I thought I heard the phone pick up, but heard no one on the other side. Apparently, I hung up on two customers tonight without even realizing it. My team leader had been listening in on the two hang ups and claimed she heard someone on the other side say, "hello?" while I didn't. Of course, her word was taken over mine simply because she has been there five years, and this is only my third week. I had to go over Quality School with Roger before he sent me home for the night. It wasn't a hostile departure, he simply told me to be more careful and to come back in tomorrow as scheduled. To make up for my lost three hours I may work on Saturday. Saturday shift run from 9am until 6pm, if I work the entire time that will generate decent hours for me this week, but I won't receive the damn check for it until two weeks later. Pay is just odd. Rather than coming home and reflecting, because I realize now what had happened, I came home and played Fable.

And speaking of Fable, using my archer based character I was able to obtain the Bow of Skorm by sacrificing two mercenaries and a villager from Oakvale. Of course, my alignment was completely Good, so when I tried to donate 32,000 gold to obtain the weapon from Avo, it didn't work. Instead, I am going to have to donate 100,000 gold. It will take about half an hour to generate those funds, but I'm anxious to see what the weapon looks like since the weapon from the other god (the Bow of Skorm) is fucking sexy.


[29 Nov 2005|03:42am]
[ mood | blah ]

My 19" LC Flatron LCD has its first official damaged pixel. Only in effect on dark backgrounds, mainly black, it's an annoying green dot that I'll have to get used to.

I was going to tell a tale of my day, something unforgetable. But I forgot.


Annals of Dial America : November 24, 2005 [24 Nov 2005|02:08am]
[ mood | blah ]

And here is my disclaimer! By reading this material, you agree that you will not, in any fashion, use it to discriminate against on Charles Rogan, as an employee of Dial America, Inc., on grounds of possible suspension or termination from said company. Reading on implies compliance with my disclaimer, should you disagree, please surf on to another website or close the browser window.

Today was a dolefully slow day. Very slow. being the day before Thanksgiving, no one was home to answer the telephones because they have what I call a life. Going to relatives' houses, going shopping, or just not answering in general. In six hours I only made ONE sale. It was horrible. The most sales on the floor was around five or six.

The one sale I did make was a partially frustrating one. The customer wasn't an idiot at all, but the telephone company from which he had service was. Every time I tried to speak to him there was a long pause in between his reply because I sounded like someone was dialing numbers on a rotary phone. It took around half an hour to make the sale, and the customer was nice enough to be patient (and so was I), but that shouldn't have been my only for the day. Hell, even the trainees got at least two sales each.

Oh god, don't start on those fucking trainees. Don't get me wrong, James (a student in my Philosophy class) is a trainee and he is decent, but a girl who works along side him merits a skull fucking. I can't stand people who contort their faces in extreme fashions when talking. What the fuck does that accomplish? Yay! You look like a dipshit! And she didn't do it on just one call, but all of them. By the end of the night I was ready to rape her in the ass with a baseball bat.

What truly pisses me off is when the supervisors let us go early, but then inform us the next day that we don't get payed for the hours THEY LET US GO. God dammit! I want my fucking pay and I will not take a dock because some supervisor decided to let me out an hour early. And Thanksgiving? Yeah, the supervisors get paid for it, but the sales reps don't. How fucked is that?

And to end it all, I had the most polite rude customer today. Quite profound, really. After yelling at me to take her off of our calling list, she told me to have a very nice holiday and said goodbye. I finished reading the DNC verbatim as told to and then hung up. What was I to do? I've never been exposed to such a paradox before.


AIM Triton [23 Nov 2005|01:50pm]
Sitting up late last night putting the final touches on what was to begin my Annals of Dial America,a friend messaged me on GAIM and tried to directly connect. As we all unfortunately know, cross-client direct connections just don't work yet. While they looked good on paper, reality has yet to accept them. With nothing better to do, and having become extremely curious, I downloaded the new AIM client to see what it is he had to send. But what I found was despicable. I run GAIM with buddy list and IM window transparency which consumes about 15k - 24k system memory. When I finished installing the new AIM Triton and ran it, I saw, to my horror, that it, while running on default settings, consumed 35k - 50k system memory. Outrageous! AOL has bogged the new client down with frivolous bullshit that is simply not needed. Tabbing to the next IM window does not require a fancy window transition, nor can you turn most of these options off. The interface is completely customized to AOL's standards and consumes even more of your precious memory. After receiving the file, and then sending a few, I promptly deleted AIM Triton and blocked http://www.aim.com on my firewall to prevent future stupidity. I was to apalled to even go into any sort of technical readout, probably because should I have tried such, I bet Triton would have allocated more memory for itself to crash the program used to read its spec's. In short: Aim Triton = Satan.

Annals of Dial America : November 23, 2005 [23 Nov 2005|01:01am]
And here is my disclaimer! By reading this material, you agree that you will not, in any fashion, use it to discriminate against one Charles Rogan, as an employee of Dial America, Inc., on grounds of possible suspension or termination from said company. Reading on implies compliance with my disclaimer, should you disagree, please surf on to another website or close the browser window.

It was today at work that I actually decided to keep track of the more memorable customers, out of boredom or otherwise, I don't know.

But as normal, it started off with no sales for a brief while before I got my first customer on the recorder. I was 98% done with the verbatim confirmation before it all came to a crashing stop. One of the questions reads as, "Unless Mr(s) ____ you cancel, will it be alright to charge your American Express card $59.95 to extend your membership to one year?" The sale is for a program from Travel + Leisure called Elite Traveler, and you pay $1 for a 60-day trial period, but if you do not cancel before 60 days has ended, you are assumed to have wanted to keep the program and are charged $59.95 for the year's membership. I got through all of the questions except the aforementioned with the customer because he didn't understand what the fuck UNLESS meant. He kept detailing how he planned to cancel the program anyway, but would not agree to allowing American Express to charge him the $59.95 if he was too damn stupid to cancel the program membership. How hard is the question to understand!? I can venture to assume readers of this journal understood it, and they've yet to hear the entire sales pitch! Five minutes passed on the recorder and I had to give a non-sales close because the man was too stupid to understand what the hell "unless you cancel" meant.

The next genius listed here thought he was going to be funny. I asked for the lead name, the lead being the person listed on my screen at work, and the person who answered the phone responded saying it was he. I started with the sales pitch and continued into the benefits and was about to close to go to a confirmation when the phone holder decided to press random buttons to try and annoy me. I heard faint laughter in the background, laughter reminiscent of that of my PRE-PUBESCENT days, so I laughed to myself and listed the person as NH (not home), so they will receive another call tomorrow. Who had the last laugh, you fucker?

My next friend was an elderly woman from California who, after finding out who I was and who I was representing, decided to inform that she was on the National Do Not Call List and that because I "broke the law" and called her she was going to turn me in. Funny. The national do not call list works as such that if you are affiliated in anyway with a company that sponsors phone solicitation (i.e. Better Homes and Garden, Chase Bank, American Express, etc..) you can be solicited on their behalf. Afterall, if telemarketers were not allowed this loop hole and couldn't call anyone, we'd be out of a job. So, I laughed at the woman's expense (inside, that is, didn't need my supervisor wondering why I was cackling) and placed her on our do not call list. Though looking at it in hindsight, I should have marked her NH and moved on.

Now, what truly annoys me is the Spanish speaking customers who know nothing of English. First, how the fuck did you get into this country and even get an American Express credit card? Fluent english skills needs to be a requirement for citizenship in America. Whenever I get one on the phone, all I hear is "bueno" (I guess that is how it is spelled), and that is all they reply with. So I hang up, list them as I3 (Non-English Speaking - Spanish), and move on. But after 10 of these mother fuckers I am ready to snap. But I didn't have 10 today, instead I got a total of 35. The woman working next to me, her customer had a fucking translator speaking for her on the phone. Take a damn english class! It's like Billy Milano said in his band Storm Troopers of Death, "Speak English or Die!"
ravaged corpses

[21 Nov 2005|03:07am]
Sarah decided to leave me Friday, and she finished taking all of her items out of the house today. I'm not really sure what to do at this point, I haven't slept since she left angrily at me. I'm not entirely sure what I did, though I'm sure there could be an entire dramatic debate about it. She's told me I made her unhappy, but then the next day told me she was just unhappy in general and that wasn't my fault. I don't imagine I'll be keeping the journal updated much anymore.

[16 Nov 2005|10:53pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Strange that I should fall further into the Republican rather than Capitalist zones on the map below; however, the quiz wasn't truly accurate given the questions and answers you have to choose from. I do consider it fairly accurate, though, also considering the fact that my 12th grade Government teacher called me the most conservative student she'd ever had. Campuses of all sorts tend to breed Libertarians and Democrats of all types. Oh well, at least I didn't fall under Totalitarian, though I guess I could have faked it to make myself look that much more menacing to those who see the quiz results. Afterall, what image concerned person doesn't want people to think he or she is as bad as Adolf Hitler or Darth Vader. There is an image to keep here, people!

Friedrich Nietzsche lives in my bedroom.

Class was dull and uninteresting today, all 5 minutes of it. In English I simply had to revise my compare and contrast essay then turn it in, and I didn't make Criminal Justice because I was in the bathroom regurgitating my innards due to bad calamari from last night. Undercooked is an understatement. I did register for classes today, though. Online, of course since it is quicker. Currently my schedule will follow as:

English Composition II (ENGL 102) - Monday & Wednesday - 1:00-2:15PM

Speech Communications (COMM 100) - Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 11:00-11:50AM

Film Appreciation (COMM 140) - Tuesday & Thursday - 11:00-12:15PM

Cyber Crime (CJ 499) - Tuesday & Thursday - 1:30-2:45PM

Criminology (CJ 230) - Tuesday & Thursday - 5:30-6:45PM


[16 Nov 2005|07:57pm]
You are a

Social Conservative
(35% permissive)

and an...

Economic Conservative
(61% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

[16 Nov 2005|02:06am]
[ mood | enraged ]

Class turned out to be a waste today. Quite the utter waste. I realize that public forums are, in fact, a great opportunity to gather new knowledge, but I don't feel that those outside topics should be brought into the class room when they are considerably irrelevant to the course's material of study. I can't argue too much, though, because listening to Dr. Richards banter about the point he wasn't given time to properly conclude used up class time. Rather than taking the quiz today, as we were scheduled to do, the class listened to the socialist navy nuclear engineer talk back and forth with Richards about sectarianism and the Patriot Act. In lieu of this quiz we were given the assignment to bring in an article which covers a controversial topic, past or present, which we will split into groups and read over. The whole assignment for next class with the articles is to describe the process of logic use and point out logical fallacies, if any.

I've chosen enraged for my current mood, which may or may not seem appropriate, given the fact that I am on run number 50 into Upper Blackrock Spire on World of Warcraft to get a single piece of armor. While most rogues get their Shadowcraft Tunic in 10 or less runs, I have to run 50, or more, times to get the fucking thing and it's really tearing into my nerves. I did, however, sell the Ace of Beasts successfully for 610g of which I received 580g. I never truly understood why you don't get the full amount if you've already payed the auction deposit, but for 580g I am not complaining. This new cash flow allowed me to purchase a Heartseeker (41.5 DPS, +4 Strength, Critical Strike Chance +1%, 1.70 Attack Speed) as well as put a +15 Agility enchantment on it, plus a +7 Agility enchantment on my Shadowcraft Gloves. Currently, my agility stands at 313 without magical buffs. When I finally pick up the Shadowcraft Tunic it should increase by 20 or more.

ravaged corpses

[13 Nov 2005|08:36pm]
I believe now, perhaps, that my statement about my obsession with Spongebob yesterday was an understatement by far. As I now sit and type this in my Spongbob and Patrick boxers, I look back at the Spongebob Squarepants fleece throw on my bed and smile with sinister intent. Sarah is going to lose it. Richard called me after Kimberly, my aunt, had left Target (where they both work). He and I proceeded to purchase the boxers and fleece throw, but also a Spongebob clothes hamper and Spongebob tub tiles (pieces of rubber shaped in his image with suction cups on the bottom to prevent slipping in the shower). Sarah can take it a bit seriously, whether jokingly or not I don't know, but it truly amounts to the fact that Richard and I love to mess with her. Besides, Spongebob is my God :P

Other than the above, nothing of particular interest happened today. On WoW, Rahamak, Jeiako, Seuris, and I went on a gank (an act through which a rogue speedily kills a player of the opposite faction after having another member of the group act as bait) fest and killed several level 60's, but an insurmountable number of lower levels who thought they could take on a level 60 alone. At one point when I was playing the bait, a lone priest tried to gank me! This is of particular interest considering the priest's main job is healing. While they do have decent offensive spells, they are nothing in consideration to offensive magic classes like the mage and warlock. Jeiako and I quickly dealt with the ganking priest and that is when the fest ended. Both Rahamak and Jeiako left for the Arathi Basin battleground, and Seuris had left earlier for the same.

Tomorrow is English and Criminal Justice and I've derelicted to do my English homework until this point. I'll complete it sooner or later, it cannot be that hard. However, for the moment I am going to return to WoW until time to pick Sarah up from work.

[12 Nov 2005|06:56pm]
[ mood | creative ]

You fit in with:

Your ideals mostly resemble those of an Agnostic. You are fairly ambivalent towards any religion or spiritual connection. You lead a very busy life and find that religion and spirituality are unnecessary to your life.

100% scientific.
40% reason-oriented.

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[12 Nov 2005|06:12pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

It has been a decent while since I've really attempted to maintain a livejournal. Well, not that long, but it's been several months. I tried my hand at blogger.com again after having my last blog deleted by my ex from Florida, but the attempt was fruitless. I found that blogger.com has no real form of publicity. People don't post interests and such as they do on livejournal, which is seemingly the best way to connect to people on an online journal and get them to simply read your shit. Thus, I returned to livejournal for about the fifth time.

Unfortunately, I have no melodrama to complain about. Though, my fascination with Spongebob Squarepants has reached an unhealthy low after purchasing a Spongebob desk lamp, body pillow, and hanging light set. Not to mention my 18th birthday was heralded by a Spongbob cake. The one thing I do love about the fascination, though, is listening to idiots who define themselves by the music they listen to call me a poser or such sort. I've been listening to black metal and death metal since music held any interest with me (roughly 12 years now), and they've only begun to take interest into it. I can't fucking stand stereotypical dicks who live under a label. Shut the fuck up and be your own damn person. Were I to follow these people's ideology, I would have flunked high school, started a band, and looked like absolute shit. But instead, I graduated with a 4.2GPA, majoring in Criminal Justice at WVSU as a spring board for law school, I've never been in a true band, and I work at Dial America making $7.50/hour | commission. I have my own home, car, and rattery. But since I listen to black metal and death metal I should be a wasted drug addict with no future. Shit! I guess I messed up! And if any of the people detailed above should be reading, just go away before it gets nasty in here. And I'll continue to play World of Warcraft and forget you exist as a functioning human being that didn't congeal in the local Chinese restaurant's back alley cesspool.

ravaged corpses

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